The MMW: Sequencer is a web-based digital activation developed for Melbourne Music Week.

The website allows users to create musical patterns through a visual interface which expands upon the City of Melbourne branding campaign for the event. Users are given access to a 'palette' of 8 sounds provided by artists performing in the festival, allowing them to experiment and arrange their own musical sequence.

Participants are provided with a personalised link to their sequence, allowing them to save and share it with friends on social media platforms. This sequence is also then added to the public 'Saved sequences' wall which allows visitors to browse through other community created content

The MMW: Seqeuencer was designed and developed for the City of Melbourne, with sounds provided by:

  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  • Gypsy & The Cat
  • Mike Callander
  • Rat & Co
  • 2pt

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