2pt ("Twopoint") specialise in the design and development of small to medium scale, focused and polished digital projects. 

We love fine art, digital technologies, purposeful interactivity and finding where they all tastefully intersect.

You will find us working away on:

  • Video games and interactive art pieces
  • Digital installations and creative activations
  • Web-based playthings, for advertising or plain fun
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Apps, both consultation and development
  • Web design and development
  • Basically all things design, art and interactivity

Our agility, approachability and frictionless communication in combination with a high level technological and artistic comprehension will make 2pt a valuable partner on your next creative project.


  • 2pt stand for quality, necessity and craft
  • 2pt firmly follow 'less is more' principles, with the belief that any project should be able to stand confidently upon a polished and well developed core and concept
  • 2pt seek to develop projects which contribute in valuable, positive and sustainable ways


Base in Melbourne, Australia, 2pt ("Twopoint") bring together the many years of design and development experience of technically minded artists and programmers Joshua Tatangelo and Alexander Perrin.


2015 Vuforia Vision Award - ' Best Shopping App' for the Stock Watches app